Apple is bringing iOS 13 to the masses this fall, with big new features like Dark More, all-new Maps, Sign In with Apple, and much more. There are so many new features coming to iOS 13 that Apple didn't get around to mentioning them all during its WWDC keynote. But just because they weren't talked about doesn't mean they aren't important. Here are some big changes coming to iOS 13 you need to know about.

Everything you need to know about iOS 13

Improved details pane in Messages

In iOS 12, clicking on a message's details pane will show you images and attachments. When iOS 13 is released, it'll also feature links that have been shared in the conversation, making it so you don't have to scroll back to find what was shared.

Independent apps view in CarPlay

Tired of your CarPlay screen changing every time you fiddle with your phone? With independent app views, an app open on your iPhone won't affect what's open on CarPlay. It's a great feature because it means the driver can still view directions while the passenger picks a song.

Mute threads in Mail

Similar to the feature in Messages, iOS 13 will allow you to mute notifications from threads in Mail. The feature will come in handy, as Apple puts it, when an email thread becomes "overly active." Once you mute an email thread, it will apply to all of your Apple devices.

Oral health tracking

In addition to cycle syncing and measuring ambient audio levels, iOS 13 introduces a new feature to keep tabs on your oral health. Now, iPhone users can keep track of their toothbrushing time, so you can make improvements toward a brighter smile.

Zip and unzip in Files

Files is getting big improvements in iOS 13, and one of the new features will allow users to zip and unzip files. The new feature will make it easy to share multiple files and documents via email. Once you receive a zip, you can then expand it into a folder.

Remove location info from photos

Going forward, when you share photos, you'll be able to strip location information away. The new feature is crucial for keeping privacy in check while still being able to communicate with friends and family.

Silence unknown callers

If you hate spam calls—who doesn't?—a new setting in iOS 13 will attempt to keep them at bay. With the setting turned on, callers from your Contacts, Mail, and Messages will get through, while spammers will be sent straight to voicemail. With spam calls on the rise, the new feature could prove to be one of iOS 13's best.

Low Data Mode

iOS 13's new Low Data Mode feature will help users stay under their data caps. The new feature will reduce the network data usage by apps, so you can stay within your limits and avoid crushing overage fees.

Redesigned volume control

Finally, Apple is redesigning the volume control. Now, users will see the volume control appear in the upper-left corner, so it no longer sits in the middle and over the content you're watching.

Optimized battery charging

With optimized battery charging, Apple wants to extend the total life of your battery. Apple says your iPhone will learn from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80 percent until you need to use it.

And many, many more

These are just a few of the features in iOS 13 that Apple didn't talk about, and there are many more. For example, you can select Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth accessories right from Control Center. iOS 13 will also put screen recordings into their own album, and there's a new Portrait feature known as High-Key Mono.

Which iOS 13 features are you looking forward to using most?