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T-Mobile doesn't offer the iPhone. Maybe it will when it starts to push its 4G LTE network live, but even the lack of 4G LTE isn't stopping consumers from flocking over. In fact, the carrier's CEO John Legere just revealed that 1.9 million of T-Mobile's customers already carry the iPhone. Obviously it's an unlocked device that is used with a T-Mobile SIM card, but that's an impressive sign and a hint that T-Mobile customers want the iPhone.

It's clear that people are either leaving other carriers to pay the cheaper prices offered by T-Mobile or they're buying expensive unlocked iPhones. But it's happening at an astounding rate. Legere said T-Mobile adds 100,000 new iPhone customers every month.

Don't forget, though. T-Mobile already confirmed it will sell the iPhone next year unsubsidized.