FireHost Logo (Large)

When it comes to choosing who should host your site, the most valuable asset to an online business, it can be an excruciating process.  Moving your site is not always an easy process, especially when you’re the size of TechnoBuffalo, so it’s not something you want to do all that often.  When we decided in 2011 that it was indeed time for us to move to another hosting provider, we looked at a lot of options, and in the end, it was Firehost who won us over.

We talked with a lot of sites, and we heard a lot of nightmare stories about downtime, unreliable tech support and general nightmare scenarios, but one name kept coming up time and time again as a good choice, so that is what first drove us to take a look at Firehost.  We heard that the customer service was top notch, we heard that their servers were reliable and, most importantly, their scalability allowed you on-the-fly upgrading, just what we needed for those unexpected high traffic days.

Once we talked with them and saw their commitment to their customers firsthand, it was a no brainer who we wanted to host TechnoBuffalo.  That is why we are now proudly hosted with Firehost, and proudly display their name at the bottom of every page.  In the world of online publishing, there is no greater recommendation then where you actually choose to put your digital assets, so consider this our stamp of approval for Firehost to handle all of your online hosting needs.