The 2013 KIA Optima is an amazing looking car. So great, that if you put it in a lineup against vehicles like Mercedes, Lexus, and BMW, it wouldn’t look out of place one bit. KIA has really upped its design game over the past few years—no wonder it was the center piece of Black Griffin’s much talked about All Star dunk. And better yet, the inside matches the Optima’s premium styling, from the dual-climate zones, in-dash touch display, leather seating, moon roof, and more.

We had the opportunity to take a pearl white 2013 Optima for a test drive, and it runs just as smooth as it looks. I can see why KIA has been winning a ton of awards lately, and why it’s one of the hottest cars around right now. If you’re in the market for a mid-size sedan, something that screams luxury while remaining affordable, check out our test drive.

We’re thoroughly impressed with what KIA has accomplished with the 2013 Optima, and we have no doubts it’ll become a favorite among consumers as well over the next year.