When the iPhone 5 came out in September of last year—despite its lineage and similarity to the iPhone 4/4S—Apple still managed to impress us with its improved design. It was thinner, it was lighter, and it introduced Apple users to the 4-inch form factor. But that was six months ago, a lifetime in the tech world. The HTC One, an even more immaculate example of thoughtful engineering, is the new hottest thing.

Rarely is a company in the same playing field as Apple when considering design. But the One: it matches and even surpasses Jony Ive’s most prized creation. If merely seeing pictures of the device doesn’t convince you, you’ll immediately get it as soon as you hold the One. Not to say Apple’s iPhone 5 pales in comparison, because it doesn’t, but there’s something about the One’s aluminum rear shell, curved back and incredible screen.

Obviously, when purchasing a phone, there are many other factors beyond design that ultimately go into your decision. We’ve been incredibly impressed by the One’s quality, and it only made sense to compare it to something that displays the same attention to detail. Even though the iPhone 5 is six months old, it still confidently stands toe-to-toe with the biggest handsets on the market.

Check out the video for a full comparison between the HTC One and iPhone 5, including which features we think are negligible, to the ones we think are better and worse. We have more HTC One versus videos planned, so stay tuned for some big battles.

HTC One vs iPhone 5 Comparison Gallery