Yep, earlier this morning we provided you with a bit of a teaser gallery for the Nook HD and the Nook HD+, Barnes & Noble’s incredible new tablets, and now we have a full clip for you to check out. The Nook HD is the larger 9-inch brethren of the Nook HD and offers a higher resolution display. Despite its size, it’s still incredibly light. During our demo time, we also took note of the amazing speakers and Barnes & Noble’s attention to detail; for example, the company built the tablet so that it can sit on a coffee table and still play music or video without muffling the sound.

Better yet, the reading experience is top notch – the best we’ve seen yet. The text is super sharp and the screens have been calibrated so that they are super white and text is amazingly crisp. Barnes & Noble also offers its new “Paper” user interface that allows you to customize the home screen to your liking, including with custom backgrounds, multiple user accounts and more. A new button allows you to quickly see the weather and view recommended books or short 3-minute reads. It’s perfect for when you wake up and are sipping a coffee before heading out on the morning commute.

I’m in love with the 7-inch tablet, but I still think the Nook HD+ will have a popular following all on its own, especially since it’s going to hit the market before Amazon’s own larger tablet. We’ll be bringing you a full review as soon as we can, so stay tuned for more.