Will Smith NES

Let’s play? More like “Let’s Play™,” if Sony has their way. The maker of PlayStation has filed for a trademark on the gaming term.

Let’s Play, in case you’re completely out of the loop, is what a lot of YouTubers title their campaigns through games. Let’s Play Super Mario Bros., for instance, would be an episodic series featuring one player tackling the NES classic with commentary.

They’re huge in gaming, and the amount of videos with the headline is insane.

Sony filed the Word Mark “LET’S PLAY” in late October. Its most recent status update happened on December 29, 2015 when a “non-final action” was emailed. What does that mean? It means the official examiner found issues with the trademark and kicked it back to Sony.

More than likely, “Let’s Play” is too common of a term to be trademarked. Still, it’s amazing that Sony even tried.

Source Justia