Microsoft Surface Pro 3 9

Microsoft just issued its most recent Windows 8.1 update — something that it says it plans to do much more frequently, instead of releasing major updates for Windows 8.1 — but there’s already fresh news on Windows 9. The next release, currently dubbed “Threshold” is supposed to offer plenty of new features, including the redeployment of the Start Menu and hopefully Cortana, and you might be able to get a taste of it sooner rather than later.

While the full Windows 9 release isn’t expected to launch until sometime around the second quarter of 2015, ZDNet’s well-informed Mary Jo Foley said that Microsoft is currently working on releasing a “technology preview” of the new operating system as early as the end of next month, or possibly October. Foley said that it will be available for anyone to download, which is similar to what Apple’s doing with the OS X Yosemite public preview.

The Windows 9 preview probably won’t include all of the final features that are going to ship with the final version of Windows 9, but hopefully it shows us a lot of what Microsoft’s working on.

Source ZDNET