Hironobu Sakaguchi

So much for luring the creator of Final Fantasy back to the HD console scene. Oh well, it’s a new beginning for Hironobu Sakaguchi and his game studio Mistwalker as they climb aboard the crowded mobile free-to-play RPG scene with a brand new game called Terra Battle.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu reports in an interview that the game will be available in Japan this coming September, and Sakaguchi is not the only Final Fantasy veteran attached to the game. Legendary composer Nobuo Sakaguchi will also be providing 20 tracks to the game’s musical score.

The interview goes on to say that Terra Battle will have no charge wall, and players will be able to finish the game to completion without being forced to pony up any money. A console version is also a possibility that Sakaguchi would like to look into if it proves successful enough, but that will have to wait until September to find that out.

It’s not quite the grand return of the Final Fantasy creator I was hoping for, but after the high profile financial struggles of Mistwalker’s games Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and The Last Story on the Xb0x 360 and Wii, the studio has to start fresh somewhere. Who knows? Maybe this will lead to bigger and better things down the road.

I’d like to see this succeed, but the free-to-play market is flooded with so many other options, especially in Japan where free RPGs run rampant. Many from the free-to-play generation might have never even touched a Sakaguchi game before, and they might not know what to look for.

Sakaguchi promises to provide more information at a panel at Japan Expo in Paris. Stay tuned.