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The design of Oculus isn’t particularly inspiring; it’s basically ski goggles with little LEDs and two screens stuffed inside. But once a consumer version finally launches, it could look a whole lot better. That’s because the VR company, now owned by Facebook, has acquired Carbon Design Group. a company most well-known for its work on the Xbox 360 controller and the original Kinect.

Since Oculus is still in the prototype phase, Carbon Design should have free reign over how a final consumer release looks—or at least contribute in a significant way. The Xbox 360 controller is widely regarded as one of the best in gaming, so the firm definitely has the chops necessary to create something people love. If Oculus is to become the “Android” of VR, it can’t just perform well, it has to look like something people want to use, something accessible yet from the future.

Peter Bristol, Creative Director at Carbon Design, said his team are excited to join up with Oculus, and feels that we’re on the cusp of something truly spectacular. “We’re on the cutting edge of defining how virtual reality looks, feels and functions.”

Sony has managed to create something with Morpheus that’s wholly unique, so it’ll be up to Oculus to match it. We already know that the technology is incredibly immersive and functional. But, once it goes through all of the prototype and development stages, how will it look when it’s finally in a consumer’s home? That’s up to Carbon Design to define.

The exciting part is Oculus said it has been working with Carbon Design on a number of unannounced products for nearly a year now, so we could be in store for more than just some fancy looking goggles. We’re still waiting on details of a consumer release, but with the year already half way over, we might catch wind of that news soon.

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