office for ipad

It’s been about a month and a half since Microsoft’s suite of Office apps landed on the iPad, and according to the company the productivity software is already a huge hit for Apple fans. Speaking at a conference in Houston on Monday, Microsoft exec Julia White said the new service has already seen 27 million downloads around the world.

Back in early April, just a week after Office for iPad was announced, Microsoft hit 12 million downloads. Since then the rate of growth has certainly slowed down a bit, adding another 15 million in over a month, but it’s still pretty solid. The Redmond company appears happy with those number so far. When it launched, we were skeptical that Office for iPad would catch on, but it looks like people are at least downloading the apps. Whether they’re actually getting regular use on Apple’s tablet is another question.

Office for iPad, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, is available for free in the App Store. Anyone can use the apps to view documents, though to actually edit anything you’ll need to subscribe to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity service. Office 365 is available as an in-app purchase on the iPad, meaning Apple gets 30 percent of the revenue. With 27 million downloads so far that’s not a bad deal for the Cupertino company.