Twitter on Thursday introduced a new feature to Vine called Vine Messages, which allows you to send private video clips to other users. It seems like a pretty obvious shot across Snapchat’s bow, which also allows users to send quick video clips to others. You can share with a single person, or several, and it doesn’t matter if the end user has Vine. If not, he or she can still open the clip via SMS or e-mail.

Unlike Snapchat, however, you can actually create a threaded video-based conversation, complete with support for chat. Once you’ve received a Vine, you can choose to respond with your own video message by simply tapping a record button. Additionally, you can privately share Vines that other users have posted. If, for example, you found a funny clip of a dog riding a surfboard, you can then send that off as a message to one or more people.

I don’t use Vine that often, mainly because I don’t like sharing public videos of myself to large groups of people. I’m definitely going to be giving the service another try, though. This could be a lot of fun – especially when I want to share videos while on vacation to my family members, or if I just want to keep in touch with quick video messages to friends across the globe. The update is free and is available for iOS and Android.

Source Vine