iPhone 5s Gold, Angle, Volume

Apple will publish its fiscal first quarter earnings a week from today, when it will do its usual breakdown of Mac, iPad and iPhone sales. As they are want to do, analysts are already getting their early sales estimates in, and the average among those polled suggests that Apple will report 55.3 million iPhone units sold — that includes all iPhone models — during the fiscal first quarter.

The figure is an average estimate and was generated by Fortune, which taps both amateur and professional analysts. The numbers obviously vary a lot across the industry. On the high end, one professional analyst believes Apple will report just over 59 million iPhones sold during the quarter, which represents sales during the holiday shopping season of 2013. The most conservative analyst polled, surprisingly from the same firm as the most bullish, estimates 50 million iPhones were sold during the quarter.

If the average estimate hits the mark, Apple will have sold 16 percent more iPhones than it did during the same period last year, making for a record quarter. We’ll know the official figure after the close of the trading day next Monday.

Source Fortune