Netflix family

Netflix might begin offering a cheaper $6.99 per month streaming plan, but it has two pretty significant caveats. One: you can only stream to one screen at a time, meaning it’ll be pretty hard to share you account with family members or friends (there’s a plan for that). Two: the plan only offers standard definition streaming, meaning you won’t be able to view a single TV show or movie in HD. For those still clinging to a tubed TV past—or maybe those who don’t get blazing fast Internet—this might be an enticing offer.

Netflix hasn’t begun advertising the new plan just yet, and is supposedly testing it before rolling it out to a wider audience. The streaming service’s most basic plan currently goes for $7.99 per month, and allows users to stream in high definition on two different screens at the same time. For that extra dollar, I’d say splurge and treat yourself to the regular plan. But perhaps you’ll be able to get a cheaper plan real soon, which could be a good option for folks that don’t have access to full HD screens anyway, like basic smartphones.

Source TheVerge