Amazon Prime Air (1)

On 60 Minutes Sunday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said his company is researching using drones, or octocopters to be more specific, to make Prime Air deliveries in 30 minutes or less. The company faces many logistical boundaries and still needs to wait for new guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration before it can move forward. Amazon may not be alone in its efforts, however; UPS is also trying to figure out ways to use unmanned flying systems (UAS) to make deliveries.

According to The Verge, the UPS has already been testing the use of drones. “The commercial use of drones is an interesting technology and we’ll continue to evaluate it,” a spokesperson said. “UPS invests more in technology than any other company in the delivery business, and we’re always planning for the future.” FedEx also recently made comments suggesting that it’s evaluating the use of drones, though didn’t confirm any suspicions.

Amazon may have scared delivery companies into speaking out about current plans, though some experts are still super skeptical on the online retailer’s drone announcement. For one, the plans were revealed right after Black Friday and just before Cyber Monday, giving Amazon prime airtime and press during the busiest shopping days of the year.

Source The Verge