intel sign

Intel has made a name for itself manufacturing some of the best—and most expensive—computer processors around, but by the end of the year the company hopes to release a chip that will power a $100 tablet intended for U.S. release. Quartz reports that the company hopes to disrupt the market by bringing a “good enough” tablet to the Western world at emerging market prices.

Of course, there are plenty of Android tablets available out there for under $100, but most are pretty much unusable—especially when compared to the standard set by Apple’s iPad line or Google’s Nexus 7—thanks largely to the $5 processors powering most cheaper models. Intel microchips, by comparison, go for as as much as $60 each, which doesn’t leave much money left to pay for the display and components while still turning a profit.

The trick for Intel then, will be to develop a mid-range processor that can get the job done without sacrificing user experience. The end result would likely be a 7-inch tablet running on a $20 or $30 processor comparable to the chips found in tablets released back in 2012.

Source Quartz