We can’t help but wonder where all of these leaked iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPad 5 parts are coming from. Sonny Dickson, which has managed to publish dozens upon dozens of photos of the aforementioned products, at least photos that look legitimate anyhow, recently published yet another huge gallery of images. This time we’re looking at the alleged front panel of the still unannounced iPad 5, with the digitizer intact.

As we’ve seen before, there’s a noticeable resemblance to the iPad mini. We see slimmer bezels on the sides of the display, and the corners are more rounded that on previous generation iPads. The digitizer is popping out from the right-side of the panel, and it’s used to connect the display to the internal board of the actual iPad.

We can’t discern too much more from these images. Though, if these are legitimate parts than it does appear that they’re starting to land in the hands of manufacturers. Apple probably won’t discuss iPads during its rumored Sept. 10 event, which is likely reserved for new iPhones, so we may not see the new iPad until sometime around Oct.