Guacamelee! is an exceptionally good take on the Metroidvania genre of gaming from DrinkBox Studios. This 2D brawler/platformer hit the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita earlier this year, and we absolutely loved it.

Good news, because Guacamelee! Gold Edition is now set to release for the PC platform on Steam. That was fast, wasn’t it?

Those who want to tangle with death in multiple dimensions won’t have to wait long, either. Guacamelee! is heading to Steam on Aug. 8. That’s right, a week from now.

Extra bonus: if you snag Guacamelee! during its first week on Steam, you’ll score a free copy of DrinkBox’s Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Sweet deal.

Again, Guacamelee! will drop on Steam starting Aug. 8, 2013. It will sell for $14.99 and comes with all current DLC. Luchador!

Source IGN