Retro City Rampage RETRO+ Mode

Retro City Rampage has received a major update that will bring on two new graphical changes. RETRO+ mode, we’ll get to that, and Prototype mode.

With Prototype mode, players will be treated to 8bit graphics and the limitations of early 90s hardware. That means you’ll even see that classic screen flicker. Mmmm, retro.

The RETRO+ mode, as seen below, doubles the colors in the game and adds dynamic shadows to the objects on screen. So much for the graphical glory of 8bit ways, I suppose, this one is for folks who want to play the game with a better sheen.

Here’s what it looks like.

Retro City Rampage RETRO + Mode 2

Retro City Rampage is currently on sale on the PlayStation Network for $4.99. It’s also a member of the Cross Buy program, so one copy purchased on the PlayStation 3 will earn you a second copy for the PS Vita.

This is a solid little game with a bunch of hilarious ribs and an epic soundtrack. This free update only fans the flames of glory.