From this day forward, smartphone photography will never be the same. Mobile sensor and optics have been quickly evolving over the past several months—think Lumias, iPhones and the HTC One—but it finally hit a pivotal turning point last week. Sure, specs are what a large portion of the tech elite care about most. But for the average consumer, it’s all about the experience, and Nokia’s Lumia 1020 promises to essentially combine the capabilities of a professional-grade camera with the simplicity of Windows Phone 8. Every competitor from now on will be wondering how they can compete with the 1020’s crazy new 41-megapixel sensor.

We talked a lot about the device and its new camera technology last week, so if you missed any of that you can catch up here. The Lumia 1020 will be launching very shortly on AT&T for $299, so we’ll be able to put it to the test soon. From what we saw in person following the announcement, the device could very well live up to the hype. Of course, the real test will be to see how it performs in everyday situations, outside of Nokia’s controlled demonstrations. We’re confident it will.