Wii U dot Com

If you were to head to WiiU.com right now, you’d find the home of a domain squatter. That’s someone, or some company, who snaps up domains as they think they’ll be worth money. When a real company wants to make use of said domain, they either file a complaint and win or have to pay the squatter loads of cash to move on.

What should be covered with Nintendo’s information and details for a brand new console is, instead, home to spammy advertisements. WiiU.com is the exact opposite of what Nintendo wants potential customers viewing when they punch on the console’s name on their address bar.

Fusible reports that Nintendo’s claim against the current WiiU.com owner for domain squatting have been denied. They lost the dispute, and now the console maker might have to dish out a stack of cash for their new console’s URL.

Fusible also indicates that Sony does not own PlayStation4.com right now. So, that’s awesome, we suppose.

Where do you stand on domain squatting? Is this a legitimate way to make money? Or, is it a wretched hive of scum and villainy type move that you’d rather see abandoned wholesale?

Source Fusible
Via VG247