GameStop Stops Accepting PlayStation 2 Trade-InsStarting June 1st, 2013, GameStop will no longer accept PlayStation 2 trade-ins. That goes for pre-owned consoles, games, controllers and other accessories.

The poster you see to the right was spotted by a Redditor going by the username of eGORapTure. Their post title, “Goodnight sweet prince,” sums up the bulk of the situation. With GameStop no longer accepting console trade-ins, the availability of old machines might be a little slimmer.

Of course, this means that finding tons of PlayStation 2 consoles and classic games at retail is going to be that much more difficult in the near future. GameStop, whether or not you like the retailer, was a bastion for pre-owned games. With their trade-in sales line, gamers were able to find just about any classic title they wanted in bulk and on the cheap.

Without GameStop selling PlayStation 2 stuff? Expect folks to turn to Amazon, eBay and classifieds like Craigslist as they hunt for classic gaming goods.

Personally, I’ve been on a crusade to reclaim the classic games that I used to own but were lost between theft and moving several times over the last few years. I’ll be in GameStop after June 1st as I expect the prevalence of PlayStation 2 games to be that much higher.

Source Reddit