HTC-One-Developer-Edition-Goes-Official-with-SIM-and-Bootloader-Unlocked-2HTC will be releasing a special Developer Edition of its upcoming HTC One phone, available only through a special pre-order. The HTCdev Twitter page flashed the time pre-orders would begin as 7AM PST/10AM EST.

The Developer Edition sports the same hardware as the model that can be purchased through Sprit, AT&T and soon T-Mobile, but the phone will arrive at your home with the SIM card and bootloader already unlocked. The phone has 64GB of space and will cost $649.99. Only “limited quantities” will be available.

The pre-orders are also underway for AT&T’s version of the phone. Sprint will begin selling its model tomorrow. The normal asking price for the phone is $200 for the 32GB and $300 for the 64GB. Is two to three times the price for a developed edition worth the asking fee to you?

No official date is set for shipment, but it is widely believed to be April 19th.

Source HTCdev