Banjo-Kazooie Soundtrack

Banjo-Kazooie fans, prepare yourselves for a massive and awesome blast of aural nostalgia. The soundtrack has now been given a free and absurdly accessible home on this here interwebbings.

Grant Kirkhope, the composer of a lot of wonderful gaming music over the years, elected to take the tracks he created for the original Banjo-Kazooie and put them up on Bandcamp. Now people can download them for whatever price they choose in a full, official album format.

And because of how fancy, shmancy Bandcamp is, we’ve embeded the full album below. Enjoy.

Personally, I’m a massive fan of “Freezeezy Peak.” This was one of my favorite levels in all of gaming when I was a kid, and I still catch myself randomly humming the theme at odd moments.

Pay what you want, or don’t, and add this soundtrack to your collection. It’s wonderful.

Source Twitter