One of the big developers from WayForward announced last week that he’d formed up a brand new studio with a few other former team members. That studio is Yacht Club Games.

Their first project? The deliciously retro Shovel Knight set to release for the PC platform.

Our own Ron Duwell expressed that WayForward is one of the best studios out there when it comes to capturing that old school gaming flavor and magic that we all grew up loving. He then asserted that he’d love to see some of that classic style continue.

I’ll be sharing this link with Ron when he gets into his virtual office, because I think it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Shovel Knight is being Kickstarted by Yacht Club Games. Their lowest entry price is $10, but they have incremental rewards for backers with deep pockets. Their goal is $75,000, so hopefully they’ll be able to see that realized.