T-Mobile recently announced a prepaid no-contract brand called GoSmart Mobile that’s going to be targeted at “budget-conscious consumers.” GoSmart Mobile will offer plans that start at $30 per month for unlimited talk and text. A $35 plan is also available with unlimited talk, text and “web,” while a $45 monthly plan will provide talk, text and “high speed web (3G). Our guess is that the cheaper $35 plan only provides EDGE connectivity, which isn’t ideal for most consumers. Unlimited international texting can also be added for $5 per month and international landline calling costs an additional $10 per month.

GoSmart Mobile will offer a simple $8 SIM kit that can be used with any GSM phone. So, basically you’ll just need to drop $8 for a SIM, bring your own phone and then choose the plan that fits you most. You can also choose to buy a phone directly from GoSmart, including a basic Alcatel OT 838 or a ZTE V768 Android smartphone, which cost $49.99 and $99.99, respectively.

T-Mobile said customers can choose the new plans from “thousands of dealer stores” across the United States.