A job listing on LinkedIn, which has since been removed, hints that Google and Motorola are indeed collaborating to make an X Phone to take on devices from Apple and Samsung. Almost an urban legend, the device is rumored to employ some truly next generation technology, including a bendable screen, superior cameras and ceramic materials.

The listing reportedly called for a Senior Director of Product Management for Motorola, detailing position requirements such as overseeing the launch of a new smartphone and building carrier relationships. What’s interesting is that there’s an identical job listing on Motorola, though all mention of the X Phone has been expunged. So when is it coming?

That’s perhaps the biggest question. Google I/O is one possible venue, especially with so many big devices expected to come out of Mobile World congress at the end of February. Since being incorporated into Google, Motorola Mobility has released a trio of successful DROID RAZR handsets, but nothing to stand out as a true flagship. The X Phone might be such a device.

We’ll have to wait and see. 

Source Phandroid