Google is edging ever so close to making its offbeat Project Glass a reality, as an application for the technology has made an appearance at the FCC. The search giant is currently holding hackathon competitions for those who preordered at last year’s I/O conference, meaning we may not be all that far from seeing developer units released into the wild.

The filing actually reveals that testing first began back on Nov. 19 on a unit with 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0HS. Per tests, however, the model, known internally as XEB, won’t support both at once. Other interesting information details a vibrating element that acts almost as a bone-conducting technology—sounds very science fictiony, although we’ve seen this sort of tech used in Bluetooth headsets, too.

Now that the documents have been made public, hopefully this means the FCC feels Google Glass is safe for public consumption. The fact that we saw one as recently as CES could hint at its imminent arrival, too. TechnoBuffalo was able to reserve one during last year’s I/O, so hopefully we’ll get access in the coming months.

Source FCC