Windows 8 packaging

Don’t wait to upgrade to Windows 8, because come February the price will raise exponentially. Your wallet will weep and you won’t be able to look yourself in the mirror. Seriously—if purchasing Windows 8 is on your to-do then hurry up and cross it off the list. I’ll wait.

If you procrastinate, put it off for another week or two, upgrade editions will jump up to as much as $199.99. Right now, at this exact moment, You can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for only $40, which is pittance compared to what’s looming. Additionally, Microsoft will cut off those who just purchased a Windows 7 PC—that upgrade price is $15 to Windows 8—on Feb. 28.

Jan. 31 is much closer than you realize. Unless you prefer to spend much more than what’s necessary, maybe you should wait. But you snooze, you lose. And Microsoft gets a lot of money. Will consumers even bite when the price jumps up?

Source Microsoft