An unlikely name has joined the ranks of the companies looking for a piece of the soon do be dismantled THQ. A tweet from Distressed Debt Investing has reported that Independent developer Double Fine will be joining EA and Warner Bros. in an auction for THQ’s individuals assets.

THQ and Double Fine worked together before when THQ licensed their adventure game, Stacking; a quirky puzzle adventure where every character is a Russian matryoshka doll. THQ also published their Halloween themed RPG Costume Quest, and both games proved popular with long time fans.

Double Fine is generally well known for its offbeat graphic adventures and whacky sense of humor, thanks to company standouts like founder Tim Schafer and Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert. One has to wonder which THQ property they are interested in purchasing as none of the existing franchises play to their offbeat sense of humor.

You also have to wonder how they plan to compete with huge companies like EA and Warner Bros. Obviously, big franchises like Darksiders, Saints Row, and Company of Heroes will be picked up rather quickly for prices outside of Double Fine’s range. Could there be an obscure little something Double Fine is going for, or does it have to do with securing unspoken rights to Stacking and Costume Quest?

How about it? What does THQ have that Double Fine could possibly want?

THQ filed for bankruptcy and a judge determined the $60 million deal they struck up with Clearwater Capital Group did not give other buyers enough time to make an offer. The judge determined that the only way to settle this was to auction off each of THQ’s franchises one at a time, and this auction will occur on January 22nd.