Well, that was a good run! As of today, Sony will no longer be shipping any more PlayStation 2 units in Japan.

Clocking in at an impressive 154 million units shipped worldwide, the PlayStation 2 is the best selling console of all time, even out-performing Nintendo’s massively popular Nintendo DS. Since its launch back in 2000, Sony claims over 10,000 individual games have been created for the successful platform, even though a large majority of them are throwaway Japanese text adventures.

To put that in comparison, Sony’s current console, the PlayStation 3, has sold roughly 70 million worldwide, and the oh-so popular Nintendo Wii is wrapping up its successful run at 97 million units.

For me, the PlayStation 2 remains an important part of how I developed as a gamer, mostly because it was my console of choice when making the leap from childhood to a college student. Unfortunately, I can’t play my expansive PlayStation 2 collection anymore because Sony pulled the plug on backwards compatibility with the later PlayStation 3 models, and it’s hard to get a hold of a PlayStation 2 that doesn’t break after a few uses.

Otherwise, I might have to play through a few old favorites to celebrate the most wildly successful console ever finally settling into retirement. Just a quick question, what were your first PlayStation 2 games? I remember buying The Bouncer and Dark Cloud because I was a glutton for bad games, and the PlayStation 2 hadn’t quite hit its stride yet.