Earlier this week, THQ announced that they were filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and that their assets were to be bought buy a company called Clearlake Capital. You can read into that story, and more, by checking out the articles linked to the right.

Clearlake Capital, as we covered in the story of THQ’s bankruptcy, is an investing group that dumps money into companies and then sells them off once they stand to gain a profit. This purchase is a way for THQ to continue their operations unchecked and, hopefully, eventually land back on their feet.

Rumblings today suggest that one gaming giant is looking to front some cash and acquire THQ’s assets. The word comes by way of MCV as the gaming magazine indicates that sources form Ubisoft have given them word of their plans to big on THQ.

MCV reports that Ubisoft aims to buy THQ when they’re desperate, thus scoring a really nice bargain on the studios and properties the once great publisher is dishing out.

This could be huge for Ubisoft if it goes through. Consider the brands they’ll own if they buy THQ; Saints RowCompany of HeroesHomefrontDarksidersRed Faction and Warhammer.

If any clarification is produced by Ubisoft today, we’ll be sure to update this story. For now, how crazy would this be for the future of THQ’s brands?

Source MCV