Redbox has officially partnered up with Verizon to offer a $6 movie streaming service, with plans to go all out in 2013. For the immediate future, however, the Netflix rival will be in an invitation-only beta this month, probably to gauge performance and get early customer feedback.

The joint venture hasn’t exactly been a secret, and really it was only a matter of time before Redbox’s services jumped onto the Internet. With a $6 streaming price, the company is clearly very, very serious about expanding its presence and taking on rivals — Redbox already has a huge stake in the movie rental biz.

According to AllThingsD, Redbox will offer three different plans when it launches to the public, including an $8 a month plan for streaming and renting 4 DVDs a month from the company’s kiosks, a streaming-only plan for $6, and a $9 option that includes Blu-ray discs. In addition, Redbox will introduce a new online store where customers can either rent or buy the newest movies.

What’s great about Redbox is that you can go to a nearby store and pickup a movie for just a dollar, plus tax (or a little more for Blu-ray). Introducing a streaming service only seems logical, but it’s going up against some pretty big competitors. Its advantages lie in its local presence, but it still doesn’t have the catalog others possess, and there’s no word on whether or not the company will jump into offering any TV titles.