Google might be sneakily working to eradicate any and all files associated with turning on the Nexus 4’s dormant LTE. Files residing in the company’s developers archive have reportedly been deleted, without explanation, hinting that the hidden LTE access is going to disappear.

Because Google hasn’t received regulatory clearance for the device’s LTE capabilities, the company could potentially get in trouble with the FCC. Really, only users in Canada, or anyone on a carrier that offers the 1700MHz frequency, could use the Nexus 4 to its full potential. So anyone merely on AT&T or T-Mobile won’t necessarily notice a difference.

Still, while we can sympathize with Google’s attempt to clean up the mishap, it’s unfortunate to see the company actively working to limit a feature on its flagship phone. Has the lack of LTE even affected your overall experience with the Nexus 4?