Last Friday night, Spike TV held their annual Video Game Awards show. Seeing as it’s pretty much the only nationally televised stage the gaming world has to cling on to, the show played host to a lot of brand new trailers and reveals.

One of those big trailers was for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, bound exclusively for the PlayStation 3. You can see the long and awesome clip at the head of this post.

Part of that trailer reveal was the release date for the game, something The Last of Us hopefuls have been dying to hear about. When the game was announced, a lot of us assumed we’d see it this holiday. Then we found out we’d be able to play it in the Spring of 2013. That conclusion has just gotten a lot more specific.

The Last of Us will launch for the PlayStation 3 on May 7th, 2013. That’s the same month as Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. My wallet will be sore.

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