Parade confetti

It’s unclear how, or why, or what protocols were ignored, but shredded confidential documents were apparently part of the confetti in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last Thursday. I guess whoever is responsible didn’t think anyone would notice, but someone always notices.

The documents originated from the Nassau County police department, and contained information such as social security numbers, license plate numbers, incident reports and even some undercover detective names. Macy’s responded by saying it only uses commercially manufactured confetti, not anything that’s recycled. Obviously it didn’t follow its own rules, unless sensitive documents are considered commercially manufactured, multicolored confetti.

The police department, as expected, said it is very concerned with the situation, and will conduct a full investigation into the matter as well as review disposal procedures so this doesn’t happen again. Seeing sensitive documents used as confetti during a primetime parade was never something I thought I’d see, yet it happened. Lets just hope this doesn’t become a trend.

[via TheVerge]