That sharp-witted red-headed giant of late night TV is at it again. Conan O’Brien can’t resist joining in on the iPad Mini fun, but instead of focusing on the current model that was just launched, he’s turning his attention forward to the next series of next-generation tablets.

iPad Mini Mega caters to 8.8-inch tablet fans by delivering the inconvenience of a smaller screen minus the pocketability. Topping that is the 8.4-inch iPad Mini Mega Micro, and if that’s not good enough for you, then you’ll definitely want to check out the iPad Mini Mega Micro Max — a tongue twister of a device that’s sure to be a hit, as it offers everything that iPad Mini Mega fans love… like literally exactly the same thing (as it’s the same size). Still not enough iPads for you? Then you’ll love the iPad Monstro, a 112-inch tablet of sameness, but in a gargantuan proportion.

To get your spoof on, hit the play button on the vid below. Enjoy!

[Via TeamCoCo]