There’s a feature on the iPad mini and in iOS 6.0.1 that allows you to hold your tablet, thumb on the screen, and still interact with another finger. This is great if you’re reading a book, for example, and want to be able to turn the page even if your thumb is hanging ever-so-slightly onto the edge of the page. The feature is officially called finger rejection, and we have confirmed that it works on our iPad 3 in the office following the iOS 6.0.1 update. We did notice, however, that it can throw off gestures and other things, such as pulling down the notification shade.

As we noted earlier, it’s also available on the iPad mini, and we presume the fourth generation iPad, although we haven’t had a chance to test it on the iPad 2 or the original iPad just yet. It’s a nice little feature that should make your iOS experience just a hair better than usual.

[via Pocketnow]