If you were hoping to celebrate October by reading a little bit of Edgar Allan Poe on your brand new Kindle Paperwhite, you’re out of luck. If don’t already own one, that is. Amazon’s website now says that the Kindle Paperwhite is now shipping in 4-6 weeks. That means you won’t receive it until the time period between Nov. 5th and Nov. 19th.

The Kindle Paperwhite only started shipping two days ago and is the first member of Amazon’s eReader family that offers a backlit background. The device offers 25% better contrast than previous models, holds up to 1,100 books and offers 8-weeks of battery life. We love the Barnes & Noble Nook with Glowlight, too, so if you need another option head over to B&N’s website.

[via TechCrunch, Amazon]

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