Enjoy it, folks. Between the work being done by those on Kickstarter and the indie game revival happening on the PC platform, gamers are able to dive into a genre that might have once been considered all but forgotten. I’m talking about classic 2D adventure games, just like The Cave.

The Cave will be heading to Nintendo’s upcoming home platform.

Joystiq got word of the Wii U release for The Cave during a demo over the weekend at PAX Prime in Seattle. Double Fine’s Greg Rice mentioned that the game would be releasing on Nintendo’s downloadable platform, in addition to the already announced PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

It’s good news that Nintendo’s seeing unique titles like The Cave from third parties like Double Fine. This 2D adventure effort is being published by Sega, bringing it to the Wii U means that the system will, hopefully, support strong and special third party efforts.

That’s always been a sore spot for Nintendo in the past.

We’ll have more on The Cave as it comes.

[via Joystiq]