Electric skates

Imagine taking a Segway, lopping off the top and gluing it directly to your shoes. Kind of a crazy thought, but that hasn’t stopped someone from giving something like it a go.

The Electric Skates are like a cross between the iconic geek transporter and ski boots that strap on to your Keds to give you a roller-powered ride at up to 8 mph. Both the left and the right skates are motorized, featuring an 80-watt motor with 6″ rubber wheels. Want to change speeds on your electric boogaloo ride, or slow to a dramatic stop? The skates have an integrated heel stopper, so you can do it manually. (The even less sure-footed can also attach training wheels at the heel.) But who’d do that when there’s a wireless remote control to really up the geek quotient? Just hit the remote to go faster or slower.

The 16-pound skates can support a person weighing up to 180 pounds, and their lithium ion batteries offer 40 minutes of life per charge (roughly 5 to 6 miles). That should be plenty for most hobby riders, unless they have legs of steel and some real distance to cover.

This contraption could be just wacky enough to be a huge hit, if not for two things: First, uneven pavement or natural klutziness could make for a pretty unsafe ride. (Hello, lawsuits.) And second, it’s not exactly cheap. While a bargain compared to spending thousands on an actual Segway, the $700 price tag is still quite a chunk of change. But if these aren’t deterrents for you, then head on over to those renowned purveyors of pricey flights of fancy, Hammacher Schlemmer.