This summer’s Total Recall reboot got some juice when the full-length trailer went live across the webs this week. This version swaps Arnold Schwarzenegger for Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid, Sharon Stone for Kate Beckinsale as evil fake wife Lori Quaid, and Rachel Ticotin for Jessica Biel in the role of Melina. And most importantly, the clumsy fight choreography, puppet tentacles and other proto-computer-generated effects bows out in favor of splashy action sequences and the latest CGI.

In case you’re inexplicably not familiar with the 1990 classic, Quaid is a man who discovers that his entire life is a lie. A secret agent whose memory was extracted and replaced with a fabricated identity, he realizes that his lame job and sexy wife are all fakes when he visits Rekall, a post-apocalyptic version of Dave and Buster’s that implants cool, exciting experiences and memories into customers minds for a fee. Quaid realizes that something’s up when soldiers show up at the entertainment plaza — and this boring clock watcher somehow takes them all out in seconds. Then wackiness ensues.

According to the trailer, the new version seems to follow the original pretty closely, at least up to this point (though fans of the first movie’s inherent cheesiness might lament the modern, gritty-but-sleek spin on the tale). As for the rest, we’ll know how successful the reboot fares once it launches in theaters this summer.

I hope they manage to keep Benny the cab driver, but ditch Quaid’s tracking device extraction. Maybe there’s an audience for a Colin Farrell–nose-picking scene, but it ain’t me.

What are you hoping to see in this new Total Recall? View the trailer, and then let me know if you’re excited about this reboot or not.