Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy Dec 11

Still itching to get your hands on Ice Cream Sandwich? Well, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus may be just over a week away now, according to this leaked image believed to be from Best Buy’s internal inventory.

The retailer’s system shows that Samsung’s much-anticipated Android handset is scheduled for a December 11 launch on Verizon Wireless. The device was previously rumored to launch on December 8 — alongside the Motorola DROID 4 — and that still might go ahead, with Best Buy receiving its initial stock from Verizon a few days later.

As you may have noticed from the dimensions of this device, it’s a little thicker than the Galaxy Nexus that recently launched in Europe. That’s because it’s packing Verizon’s 4G LTE technology, which adds a little extra bulk to the device’s waistline. It’s certainly not much, however, measuring in at just 9.47mm as opposed to 9.34mm. And it’s a small price to pay for 4G speeds.

There’s one thing we must point out before you get too excited: As noted by Engadget, December 11 is supposedly the date the Galaxy Nexus will hit the Best Buy stock room, and it could be a couple of days after that before the device actually arrives on shelves in Best Buy stores.

Even so, at least we’re a little closer to pinning down the device’s release date for the U.S.

Are you still waiting to get your Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

[via Engadget]